These are my works as I complete them. All have been written. 



ISBN- Incompleted 


-Not Final Image-

It starts at birth. ​Everything starts at birth. 


Bishop Fry has been waiting for a second child for the longest time, the greatest show of love for his wife. 


Diane Fry can't take it, it never hurt this much before. Yes as Black Air Raiders each following child birth is supposed to get harder it's time, it's a part of their biology but this is obsurd. Why is this child so different? 


Brendan's got a mission of his own but even he is curious about the coming of his brother's child. Big brother is on two children and he has yet to bring one. It's not his wife's fault cross species conceptions aren't things that just happen. 


Zandi's going to have a brother, or a sister. It doesn't matter. People are coming from all over Edudweni were coming to show their respect. It was as though her father was a king himself and she gets to be a part of it. The other kids are going to be so jealous!



It's not fair that Leila's mother's birthing is so popular. Her mother, Diane's sister wasn't nearly as popular. It isn't fair. Why are so many people paying attention to this birthing ceremony?  She'll show them. The Mmbatha family line is the stronger. One day she will.


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