• Vuyisile Sibeko

TI Trouble man (Black Lagoon Anime)

I thought I'd go over my first ever successful animated music video which is now pretty much a dead art since the explosion of copy right laws. I try to respect copy right laws but I will admit that the restrictions of animated music videos is pointless.

Luckily I didn't get into trouble for making this one. This is TI- Trouble man the first song in the Trouble man album a very good listen if you are a hip hop fan and a TI fan. (As if the two things could be mutually exclusive)

This also combines Black Lagoon the single most awesome anime to ever be created. Brilliant enough to be thought provoking but also fun enough so you don't take yourself too seriously.

I hope based on the AMV you considering listening and watching it enough to get either the Anime series or the Album.

#ti #amv #sqj #sqjpure #video

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