• Vuyisile Sibeko

Why Jin's War?

That's a question I find myself wondering so I thought I'd go over why this book instead of the first book.

Jin's War is the second book I've ever written to the end with The New fifties being the actual first book I've ever written.

One of the first reason's and perhaps the most obvious is that this is the smaller of the two books. As this book is only seventy eight thousand words and The New Fifties is well over one hundred and twenty thousand words(And that's just the first book)

But that's a bit of a cop out.

The more realistic reason is quite simply that I was less emotionally concerned with being crushed with Jin's War, or atleast I thought so.

Things have changed over time, the more thought I put into getting Jin's war the more I realise that I'm actually as emotionally attatched to every single word of writing I type down. Which explains why editing is so hard for me.

Either that or I just love all my books as much as the other. From my first novel to the last.

More of which you will find out about later on.

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