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Why You Should Read Solo Leveling (Review)

A friend of mine suggested this Manhwa to me by smugly saying that I would finish the whole thing by the end of the day (It was already midday) and I would come running back to him demanding more.

I am ashamed to say it but he was absolutely correct. I've never read anything so engaging. Each chapter builds upon the other to create suspense and a thrill inside of another thrill, building constantly to create a rush, unlike any manhwa I have read before.

This is it's greatest Strength but also a horrifying weakness. As despite how enjoyable this story is and genuinely fascinating I found it. The breakneck pacing will leave you at the edge of your seat right up until the moment you reach the latest chapter, then... you wait.

This should be an amazing thing though, something that every Comic writer and Mangaka should dream of. Only, with Solo leveling, when you are caught up to the latest release, you start to see the man behind the curtain. The machinery. And that's that the individual actions are well fleshed out but take two to five chapters to complete. There was a joke in Dragon Ball Z circles. "How many Dragon Ball Z characters does it take to screw on a light bulb? One, but it will take five episodes to complete."

Solo Leveling Falls head first into this.

But though this is by no means a nitpick, it is something that stands out and once seen cannot be unseen as you eagerly wait for another brilliantly drawn and realized morsel week by week.

Having said that the good outweighs the bad and you will be left thrilled and eager for the next chapter so please READ IT.

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