These are my works as I complete them. All have been written. 

The Edge of Forgiveness


ISBN- Incompleted 


-Not Final Image-

Every race has the rights, the right to live, the right to govern, the right to their culture, the right to believe in their gods and the rights to their own traditions, laws. But most important the right to defend themselves. With that right comes the right to possess their own forces, of those forces divisions are set where the most powerful, intelligent, quick, brave and determined forces are set apart from the rest, these proud few posses the honour of being.




Lein Shadowbrook would do anything for his daughters. Anything. Even go against his king's command. Even go so far as to kill an opposing nation's crown prince. 


It took everything he had to get his daughters back but that was not enough, their bodies was one thing but not their hearts, not who they used to be. 


As two nations hunt him and his family down he must find their hearts and minds, if they don't turn on him first. 


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