Video Experiments


Self Recordings

Thouugh my strongest passion  has always beeen writing I would say that my deepest need has always been to tell a story above all else. No matter the Medium. 
And so with youtube and other tools I started creating vids, mosting readings of my own writing but still something to show. Another way to get my vision to you. I hope you enjoy this.
Introduction Video

Thiss is the video that I use to inroduce myself via youtube. If it was good enough for there I can only hope that it will be good enough for here too.

Video editting is one of the side hobbies and is a world more fun than collecting stamps. Finding the right moment in the right movie to fit your own effort is something that takes a bit of practice, and that's without mentioning the work that goes into the mastering of which ever software you choose. I personally use VideoPad, the free version. Hopefully I'll sell enough books to get the full version and really produce some gems. 

Colour of Me

This is a reading off a peom i wrote in 2013 reflecting how I felt about my position as an educated black man in South Africa in the year 2013 and all the annoying stereotypes that alays seem to step up and latch onto the minds of those with the misfortune of hearing them. 

Chapter 1, Prt 1
Chapter 1, Prt 2
Chapter 2, Prt 1
Chapter 2, Prt 2


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